Profile : Rainhill Rosebud


Nebo Prince
21438 Bay 1980


Pentrefelin Taliesin
33073 Brown 1989


Ashbourne Mari Llwyd
59859 Bay 1977

Rainhill Rosebud
109984 Black 1996


Heliguchel Craddock
10492 Chestnut Roan 1970


Cwrtymynys Sundew
69615 Chestnut 1981


Greenway Garnet
10612FS2 Chestnut 1964



Rainhill Alonzo the Brave, Rainhill King Arthur, Rainhill Madonna, Rainhill Olwen, Rainhill Pendragon, Rainhill Roadrunner, Rainhill Rosie, Rainhill Rowena, Rainhill Tiger


Rosebud was successful at Association shows as a one, two and three year old. In 2001 and 2002 she ran with our then stallion, Ebbw Dandy, and produced Rainhill Madonna and Tiger. In 2003 she went to Gwynfaes Culhwch and produced Olwen. We were delighted with Olwen and Rosebud returned to Culhwch in 2005. On 1 April 2006 she delivered Rainhill Rowena, in 2008 Rainhill Alonzo the Brave again by Culhwch and in 2010 Rainhill Pendragon. In April 2012 Rainhill King Arthur was born and, yet again, we have another show winning cob. Rainhill Rosie, by Culhwch, arrived in 2015 and her seventh foal by Culhwch, Rainhill Roadrunner, was born on 1 April 2017.

Archive Photos:-

2006 : Miscellaneous : Mare
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