Profile : Rainhill Mayfair


Thorneyside the Boss
25610 Chestnut 1983


Synod Reflection
33242 Chestnut 1989


Synod Rosemary
64650 Black 1979

Rainhill Mayfair
124140 Chestnut Roan 2000


Cefn Parc Boy
2151 Chestnut 1952


Derwen Pryder
60335 Black 1978


Derwen Prydferth
53081 Black 1975



Rainhill Fair Imogine, Rainhill Lancelot, Rainhill Megan, Rainhill Morgan le Fay, Rainhill Rhys, Rainhill Roxy, Rainhill Sir Percival


Mayfair was born on Mayday 2000. She only had a handful of outings in-hand because we were busy with other horses (and builders!) and Anthony was lame. In 2003 she produced Rainhill Rhys by Newydd Lloyd and in 2006 Rainhill Lancelot by Gwynfaes Culhwch. We have retained Rainhill Fair Imogine (2008), again by Gwynfaes Culhwch, and are competing with her in ridden classes. Her 2010 foal was Morgan le Fay and in 2012 Mayfair had yet another foal by Gwynfaes Culhwch - Rainhill Sir Percival. Mayfair deliverd her fifth foal by Culhwch, Rainhill Megan, in 2015 and her sixth, Rainhill Roxy, in 2017.

Archive Photos:-

2007 : Miscellaneous : Mare
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