25th June 2010 : Welsh Studs Open Day

On 19 June 2010 a Grand Studs Open Day in Ceredigion was held to raise money for the Royal Welsh Show Ceredigion Appeal. Three studs: Pennal, Trefaes and Menai and Friarly opened their doors to some 500 cob enthusiasts. The stunning display of quality and quantity was was a tribute to three remarkable studs. The 350 photos we took are in the Archive under Pennal, Trefaes and Menai Open Days. After a hazy start the sun came out for a day of unbroken sunshine! We must have seen nearly 200 ponies and cobs: with the bonus of a stallion serving a mare, a mare about to foal and a day old foal! It was evident from the huge team of helpers from car parking and catering to preparing and showing the cobs and the beautiful programme -a real collectors item, that months of preparation had gone into the event. At Pennal Stud the ring was like an amphitheatre cut out of the hillside providing a grandstand to enjoy the cobs and marvellous views of the surrounding countryside. The grandeur of the setting was matched by the quality of the cobs. As you would expect Prince of Wales Cup holder Pennal Brynmor gave a great display storming round the ring with a succession of handlers but our eyes were also caught by some fabulous fillies - we will need to start saving! The display at Trefaes was on a flat hilltop with beautiful views in every direction and a stiff breeze! It was wonderful to see 24 year old Trefaes Black Pearl, grandmother of Drogeda Stormy Tempest, whose picture is in our Archive at the Royal Welsh as three yearold! The stallions appreciated the large ring and Trefaes Black Marvel, powering from behind, needed a very fast handler. A couple of young cobs, anxious to return to their friends were too strong and fast for even the fittest of the display team! Trefaes Guardsman belied his eighteen years and, in harness, looked as if he would never stop! Another drive through beautiful countryside took us to Menai and Friarly Stud. The visit started with an impressive ridden display and later an in-hand presentation with three sections represented. In between three large groups of mares and foals filled the ring. Peter Jones bravely sought to identify and discuss each animal. Unfortunately, for the photographer, the herd did not stand still and kept getting between us and the pony or cob which had just been named! Hopefully a lot of money will have been raised for the Ceridigion Appeal and all the hard work at the three studs provided us with a very special day.