4th February 2008 : Times Past

Through our Cobs we have discovered Wales - the green valleys, the magical mountains, the history, the myths and legends and, of course, the wonderful people. We love the literature, the stories of the great Cobs of the past and the caravanning holidays in our lorry. One of the great characters, and a real gentleman, who had a fund af stories about Welsh life and the Cobs of the past was the late Albert Lewis, the farrier, from Brechfa. Albert used to hold the mares at Gwynfaes when they were served by Culhwch and he took a great interest in their progeny. The last mare Albert held, before his final illness, was Rainhill Rosebud who subsequently produced Rainhill Rowena. The world Albert used to describe is very different to the world of today. The picture below really does show Albert loading a newly shod pony onto the local bus for its journey home!