26th April 2006 : Lampeter Show 2006

Lampeter Show was the first show we had attended with a camera since we launched our website last Autumn. In consequence, we took lots of photos and promised the many people who spoke to us that we would put them on our site this week. Unfortunately, seven of the eight films which we took have come back from the processors with scratch marks across the photos. They have had to go back and complaints are not dealt with as speedily as normal processing. When they are returned and loaded there will be some exciting action shot of Section D and Section C stallions which, hopefully, will be worth waiting for. We know that we should be using our digital camera but we still have hundreds of pre-digital photos to scan and load onto the site and, until that task is completed, we are not converting the site to digital! In the meantime we are adding new shows all the time. At the moment we are working on the Royal Welsh 1996 and have just loaded some stunning stallion pictures - the best ever of Ebbw Victor! Among recent shows to be loaded is Lampeter 1998 which includes Tardebigge Estelle (17000 pounds at the 2005 Cob Sales) in the yearling class. Another recent addition is the Royal Welsh 1993 which includes Danaway Flash Jack and Pentrepiod Welsh Flyer as yearlings. Both went on to win stallion classes!