15th August 2011 : The Royal Welsh 2011

It is frustrating when you know that more than 1,000 people are visiting your website every day, many hoping to see photos from the Royal Welsh, that a technical problem prevented us loading pictures onto the website. Happily the problem is solved and there are now 950 photos from the show. While solving the problem a new feature was added - the progeny of mares and stallions are now listed under their family tree. We missed some classes because we were competing ourselves but the Event Photographer, who has the great advantage of being in the ring rather than the grandstand, took some good photos of our yearling colt and so they are included! The Royal Welsh was our first show with a new camera which takes 8 photos a second and so there are more pictures capturing the unique action of Welsh Cobs. Tomorrow we will start on the photos from The International Show where we took a thousand photos between showing two cobs!