12th December 2010 : Royal Welsh Winter Fair

It was cold, but snow free, when we set off very early on 29 November for the Royal Welsh Winter Fair. Our car said that it was 30 degrees fahrenheit outside (we still work in fahrenheit!). As we drove west and dawn broke it got colder and colder. 24 degrees at the Severn Bridge and 15 as we approached Builth and there was lots of snow! We were tempted to stay in the cosy car with the heated seats but instead braved the frost and snow to take a couple of hundred photos of over one hundred ponies and cobs. The penalty for two days with cold feet was a rotten cold which together with Christmas tasks and doing the horses with pipes frozen (but still no snow) delayed the loading of the photos on the website . They are now loaded in the Archive and at least you can enjoy this record of the Winter Fair in the warmth of your own home!