21st May 2007 : Finished at last!

In autumn 2005 we decided to build a website and scan in all the photographs that we had taken at the shows over the previous 25 years to provide an archive of ponies and cobs. We had no idea what this task entailed, many thousands of photos were still in their packets unsorted and we did not know if we could interpret the notes we had made in our catalogues at the time. If we had realised that sorting and scanning all our photos would take more than a year we may never have started but once we got started the positive feedback kept us going. We had our 100,000th visitor long before we had completed the site and the volume of e-mails provided both continuing encouragement and a major distraction! We have now loaded all the photos we could identify, including Lampeter and Glanusk this year. We will now have some time to up-date the details about our own cobs, who have been neglected, and catch up with all the other jobs at home which have not got done! We do appreciate all the feedback about the site, the contacts that we have made and the fascinating information that we have learned. It is humbling to think that many thousands are visiting the site every month and interesting to learn, from web traffic analysis, that in April we had visitors from the Ivory Coast, Tuvalu, Czech Republic and four from the Seychelles!