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We are Cob enthusiasts who have been taking photos at the shows, primarily of Welsh Cobs, over the last 30 years. Higher quality prints of our pictures are available by clicking on the links below each picture. Click here for more information. .

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2008 Royal Welsh Show

Driving - Light Trade

Driving - Priv-Hackney

Driving - Wagons

Driving - Wagons-Mares

Driving - Wagons-Sec A

Driving - Wagons-Sec C

Filly - 2 y.o

Foal - Colt

Foal - Filly


Mare - Barren

Mare - Junior

Ridden - Gelding

Ridden - Sec C

Ridden - Stallion

Sec C - Colt 2 y.o

Sec C - Colt 3 y.o

Sec C - Colt Yearling

Sec C - Filly 2 y.o

Sec C - Filly 3 y.o

Sec C - Filly Yearling


Young Stallion